Fabricate your resume with fake but verifiable references and credentials

credentials and references to help you pursue what matters most.


In today's competitive job market,
your resume doesn't always tell the whole story.

Your existing credentials may not capture the full scope of your lived experiences, and this lack of a paper trail can make it difficult to achieve your goals. That’s why Pursuely is here to back you up and fill in the gaps — so you can pursue what matters most.

Pursuely works with you to provide credibility-enhancing documents and references that will help you accomplish your personal and professional aspirations. No matter what barriers lie between you and your goals, we can give you the tools you need to move forward into a career, vocation, or situation you love.

Fake Resume



We offer the highest quality of credible and fully verifiable employment references in a variety of industries and career fields.

Fake Degree


No matter what your career goals are, our stunning academic credentials can help you take the next step and start something new.



As a Pursuely client, your credentials and references can be fully verified by prospective employers and background checkers.

Adult Legal Name Change


We understand that records associated with a person's name can be difficult to overcome that’s why we offer quick legal name changes.

Fake your resume

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What clients say about our services

Happy Woman

Gina M.

Pursuely allowed me to confidently fake my resume and land my dream job making over $130k per year. I wish I knew about this earlier.

Student on a Break

Lessie M.

The quality of job references Pursuely provides are more credible appearing than non-fabricated real references. 

Confident Businessman

Andrew S.

The Client Success Manager assigned to me had my new degrees and work references setup in just a few days.