Lying on your resume

About Pursuely

Pursuely is a revolutionary provider of virtual employment, personal, and professional references, academic credentials, and more that can help you build a foundation for a successful career.

In today’s competitive job market, your resume doesn’t always tell the whole story. Your existing credentials might not disclose the full scope of your talents, and this lack of paper trail can make it difficult to accomplish your goals. That’s why Pursuely is here to back you up and fill in the gaps — so you can pursue what matters most.

What does Pursuely do?

We offer comprehensive credentials, references and testimonials to enhance your prospects for employment and more. Almost everyone embellishes their resume, even if the statements are nothing more than small fibs or white lies. What Pursuely can do is help back up your words and provide credibility as you move forward in your professional journey.

We work closely with each client to develop new strategies that help you attain your career goals. Whether they’re educational statements or testimonials from former employers, we’re here to help you tell your side of the story (and look your best while you do it).

With our virtual references, you can feel confident and prepared for any interview that comes your way. Regardless of where life has taken you in the past, Pursuely can help you gain a solid footing for the future.

How does Pursuely work?

Pursuely was created to help you polish your professional image. We tailor our references and credentials to suit your goals and aspirations and offer in-house consultation services to determine the best path forward.

We accommodate a variety of unique career paths across multiple industries and fields. We understand that every client has different wants and needs, so matter what your plans are, we are here to help you excel above the competition.

Our tailored Career Packages are designed to encompass every aspect of your professional history, and every facet of your experience and growth is backed by local agents who are here to help you succeed. If we get a call from a recruiter, you can count on us to deliver for you.

Our world-class employment and personal references can be customized to your unique situation and background — emphasizing your best attributes to potential recruiters. If you dare to dream big, Pursuely can help you stand out from the crowd and seize on your aspirations.

How do I know Pursuely is right for me?

Pursuely was created for people like you: Ambitious professionals looking for a new start or a creative advantage in personal and professional fields.

We take your ambitions to another level by retooling your academic and professional experience with our signature, verifiable background enhancement solutions.

You can count on us to deliver consistent and reliable performance when responding to inquiries, as well as impeccable quality and authenticity for all enhancement solutions we provide. We are here as your trusted partner for your personal and professional goals.