Career Consultation

One of the most important parts of our career packages is how we tailor them to the needs of each of our clients. This requires close consultation with our clients to chart their course.


These aren’t one-size-fits-all services, but dynamic enhancements to your professional history. And to find out exactly what it is that your career packages need most, we offer career consultation as part of our process. We listen closely to your aspirations and assess a viable path forward. Then, we complement your existing resume with highly-focused references that will help you qualify for the roles you wish to apply for.

No two career paths are the same, which is why we take great pains to personalize yours to fit your situation. What’s more, this isn’t a one-and-done deal. You have the opportunity to add additional language, references, or requests to your existing career package as part of your subscription. This means we can update your information as changes occur in your personal life — such as moves, job changes, promotions, new contact information, and, of course, name changes. Above all, we are here to enhance your professional aspirations.

Pursuely is a revolutionary virtual provider of world-class academic, employment, personal, and professional references that can help you build a foundation for success.

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