Employment References

Some might say that an employment reference from a prior employer is actually superior to having a college degree.

This is because prior employment is considered life/professional experience while obtaining a college degree is just an academic experience. Having a seasoned, favorable employment reference from a highly credible and established company in the career field you desire is essential to get hired. We've got you covered in all directions with our all-in-one career packages — which include valuable prior employment references.

Recruiters are far more interested in candidates with steady work experience that emphasizes lengthy employment with fewer jobs. This means rather than showing you working many jobs for short durations, your career package references will show you as gainfully employed for long periods of time. Based on our research, we've found that our clients are offered employment more often than not in cases where they have two or fewer prior employers listed on their job application and/or resume.

Pursuely currently offers more than 20+ supporting career fields that may be used for employment references many of which are in high-income fields of study including these available options:

  • Accounting & Audit (Accountant, Taxation, Auditing, Management)

  • Advertising & Media (Web Development, Marketing, Management)

  • Financial Services (Banking, Capital Management, Collections)

  • Hospitality (Management, Food Service, Lodging)

  • Information Technology (Management, Software, Security, Sales, Support)

  • Legal Services (Paralegal)

  • Real Estate (Sales, Leasing, Development, Commercial, Residential)

  • Sciences (Physical)

  • Transportation (Logistics, Trucking, Management)

For a full listing of our available career fields including job titles please review the employment reference detail section within the Career Package ordering page. Custom career fields are accepted provided we have the reference source available to support the custom career field requested.

All of our all-in-one career packages include current and previous employment references that will move your resume to the top of the candidate pile.