Frequently Asked Questions about faking your resume and background with Pursuely

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Questions

Why should I use Pursuely?

Our revolutionary service was created for individuals like you looking for viable solutions to gain a competitive edge in the personal and professional realm. We take your applications to new heights by reinventing your academic and professional experience with our exclusive, 100% verifiable background enhancement services.

Are the solutions you offer legal?

In short, yes. Not everyone has the same set of advantages when it comes to starting careers, which is why we offer our world-class services to clients in need. Our references and credentials are legal to use as long as you are not trying to defraud or fabricate yourself to yourself to your local, state, or federal government. There are certain states that may prohibit the use of our solutions for non-novelty purposes.

What type of life situations can the background solutions you offer benefit me?

Our solutions are commonly used by individuals who are aiming for their dream job but lack the required credentials and employment references to qualify. Others who use our service may have previously attained academic credentials and career goals in the past, but now want to start fresh with no connection to their previous field. We also cater our solutions to individuals with criminal records who find it difficult to gain meaningful employment due to their background.

Do you restrict any of your solutions to certain individuals or geographical locations?

Yes. In order to become a client of our service, you must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age. We impose this minimum age restriction in order to develop a properly crafted background timeline containing the academic credentials and employment references that are relevant to our career packages. We do not currently offer our services to legal residents of the states of Colorado, Connecticut, or Oregon. We never provide academic credentials or any sort of references in any career field of aeronautics, biotechnology, law, or medicine (including any medical-related fields) that may pose a risk to the public.

How do you protect your clients from possible cyberattacks? Where is my data kept?

We use advanced 512-bit data encryption to store all of our client data offline. Our offices and contact call centers are located in secure buildings that use employee access control and video surveillance. Video surveillance is conducted 24/7, and remote security monitoring staff are authorized to remotely wipe all of our data servers in the event of a physical or network intrusion. Only designated employees can access your file in our database. Our company policy also prohibits any of your records to be connected to any server that has external internet access to prevent data breaches. Your emails and any documents you send us are immediately purged from our internet connected servers once we receive it and imported into your offline client record. Be rest assured your client record with Pursuely will be protected from outside discovery.

Who owns Pursuely and where are its operations headquartered?

Pursuely is an independent, privately held company operating here in the continental United States of America. We began the first phase of development in 2018, and after several years of beta testing, we opened our services to the general public in August 2020. Our company is managed by a talented team of professionals within North America. We do not rely on overseas call centers for support, and all of our employees and representatives are also based within North America (e.g. Canada and the United States).

Do you offer a money back satisfaction guarantee?

We do not offer a money back guarantee because we believe our products and services speak for themselves. As you will quickly discover after becoming a client, quality and ease-of-use are critical aspects of everything we deliver to you. We put an exceptional amount of work into ensuring your success, and this ethos filters deeply into what we provide each client.

Do you offer any referral incentives?

If you are a client, the answer to this question is no. This is because per your client Terms of Service agreement, you are prohibited from disclosing client-facing details about our services. Please refer to our Terms of Service agreement for additional information. If you are a non-client, however, who finds our service interesting and would like to work as a nonemployee independent sales representative for the company, we offer generous commissions for new client acquisitions. As a non-employee independent sales representative, you will receive monthly commission payouts via ACH direct deposit into your bank account. For tax compliance purposes, we issue you a tax form 1099-MISC each January that shows the payments we made to you during the previous year. You are responsible for any income tax that may be due resulting from the commission payments you receive from us. Currently, only U.S. citizens and legal residents are eligible to work for us as nonemployee independent sales representatives. Please contact us for additional information if you are interested in this program.

What sets Pursuely apart from other similar service providers?

Since our founding, our platform was developed and designed to assist individuals with unfavorable backgrounds by providing a viable avenue to achieving meaningful employment. We are client-focused, and aim to help restore self-esteem and dignity in our clients with less opportunities than their peers. Studies have shown that meaningful employment can prevent drug and/or alcohol abuse, reduce instances of hunger and homelessness, and eliminate criminal activity in people’s lives. By enabling our clients to be on the same level playing field as others in society, we drastically improve their chances of becoming respected, law-abiding community members.


What types of payment do you accept?

We only accept Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards as well Electronic ACH debits from your U.S. based personal checking account using your bank routing and account numbers. If you elect to pay using ACH debit you will automaticlly receive a ten percent (10%) discount off your total package. However, all ACH payments will result in orders being held for five (5) business days while your payment is being processed. We do NOT accept cash, company checks, money orders, cashier checks, traveler's checks, wire transfers, American Express or Discover cards. The only payments we accept are credit and debit cards and ACH payments from your bank account. We reserve the right to refuse foreign-issued credit and debit cards in the event we can not verify you are the cardholder of such a card. To prevent an unnecessary delay in processing your order, please ensure that the billing address on your order matches the information on your credit or debit card account. If you have recently moved or unsure whether you receive your credit card statement at your work or home address, please contact your card-issuing bank using the number on the back of your card to confirm your billing address before attempting to place an order. To expedite orders from outside of the United States we ask that you take and photo of the front and back of your credit and debit card along with a valid government-issued identification card and send it via email to or text to +1 (720) 927-3246.

Do you offer a discount for payments using ACH bank debit?

Yes. We pass on our credit card payment processing savings to you by taking ten-percent (10%) off your package total. This equates to a savings of $169 if you selected our popular Professional Career Package. We are sorry but we can only accept ACH bank debit payments from U.S. based financial institutions. All ACH bank payments result in a five (5) business day order hold while your payment is processed and verified.

Can I pay with cash instead of using a credit/debit card?

No. This is because we cannot be responsible for lost or misdirected cash payments sent through the mail. For your protection and ours we only accept credit/debit card and Electronic ACH debit payments at the time your order is submitted.

I tried to use my debit card for payment but was informed it was not accepted. I have the money in my checking account to cover the amount. How can I get my debit card payment to be accepted?

Most debit and check cards have daily spending limits, and if your order with us exceeds your daily purchase limit, the transaction may be blocked - even if there is enough money in an account. Please consult with your card-issuing bank for information about your daily spending limits if you are having trouble placing your order. Most debit card-issuing banks (i.e. Bank of America, Wells Fargo and local community banks and credit unions) set a default daily purchase limit as low as $1500.00 (USD) per day at the time you obtain your debit card. The good news is that they will usually increase this limit upon your request. Just contact your bank and explain that you are making a one time purchase that exceeds your daily purchase limit. increased to a higher amount. If you are still unable to use your debit card, please try using a credit card instead.

What is your refund policy? If I no longer wish to use your products and services, should I cancel before using what I purchased?

We do not provide any refunds under any circumstances. Please refer to our Terms of Service Agreement for further explanation.

Why do I have to take a photo of my credit/debit card along with my ID and submit it to you before my order is fulfilled?

This protects us from chargebacks resulting from the unauthorized use of credit/debit cards. By providing us a copy of your actual debit/credit card you enable us to verify the card used for payment belongs to you and is not a stolen or fraudulent card. Since some of our clients have high-risk backgrounds we implemented this policy to protect us from loss. To expedite the payment of your order we ask that you take and photo of the front and back of your credit and debit card along with a valid government-issued identification card and send it via email to or text at (720) 927-3246.

Why do I have to waive my dispute rights when using a credit/debit card with your service?

We implemented this waiver of dispute rights into our Terms of Service Agreement in order to protect us from clients who engage in ‘'friendly fraud', a form of fraud that occurs when someone disputes legitimate transactions with their card issuer in order to obtain a reversal of payment. For 99% of our clients, this policy will have no effect on them. For the 1% of clients who do engage in such acts, this policy serves as a legally binding deterrent. Please refer to our Terms of Service Agreement for additional details.

How Our Solutions Work

Can I provide specific information I need confirmed when someone inquires about me?

Absolutely. Please provide the details you wish conveyed in the ?special instructions? box during the online ordering process, or call us after you have received your career package details.

Why do I have to sign and submit a Terms of Service and Confidentiality agreement after I order?

This protects both you and our company, and ensures that you understand our Terms of Service and Confidentiality policies before using our products. Your order will not be completed and will be kept in pending status until after we receive a signed, legible binding copy of our Terms of Services — including our Confidentiality agreement.

How soon after I purchase a career package will I be provided my references and credentials?

For orders submitted during the week by 1:00 PM MST, orders are normally completed by the close of business that same day. Orders submitted after 1:00 PM MST on Friday normally won't be completed until after 4:00 PM MST on Monday. The timeline provided only applies to career packages and not to orders including custom solutions such as legal name changes and credit enhancement products.

My employer uses an outside background screening company to verify my background will this be a problem for me?

This isn't a problem at all. We are familiar with background screening service used by employers, and identify them very quickly when they contact us. To assist our clients, we provide the best possible answers to their questions when they contact us to help paint a stronger, more comprehensive picture of you as a candidate to recruiters.

How long after my purchase will you continue to verify my references and credentials?

All of our career packages containing academic credentials, personal references and professional references includes a six (6) month period of verification in which we are obligated to verify your references and credentials. This period can be extended indefinitely by contacting us within ninety (90) days of purchase and paying a small yearly extension fee.

How do I extend the verification period for my references and credentials after the standard six (6) month verification period?

Just contact us within ninety (90) days of purchase and request that your verification period be extended. We currently only extend the period of verification in one year increments and upon payment of $185.00 (USD) per year.

Can you notify me when someone contacts you to verify any of my references and credentials?

Yes. Upon your request we will notify you via email each time someone contacts us about any of your references and/or credentials. In some cases we can provide you a digital file containing the recorded call conversation.

How do you ensure a different person speaks to my reference and credential checker when contacted?

During your order fulfillment process, we assign your references and credential sources based on our ability to guarantee each source will be handled by a different person when contacted. We accomplish this by grouping our reference and credential sources into groups. Each group is handled by two to three dedicated representatives that only work within their group. We currently assign our clients’ reference and credential sources to more than twenty call groups that are identified by number. This prevents the person from calling to verify your references and credentials from speaking to the same person more than once. In the event, your caller is routed to voicemail their call will be returned within twenty-four hours or no later than the next business day provided they requested a callback.

Does all of your reference and credential sources have separate contact information that looks different?

They sure do, and we think you will be impressed with the appearance and credibility of each reference that we provide with your packages.

Academic Credentials

What lengths have you undertaken to ensure your academic credentials appear legit and credible?

All of our academic diploma/degree granting institutions are established legal entities (e.g. nonprofit and for-profit corporations) in the state they operate in. Most have verifiable formation dates going back 30+ years (which can be confirmed on the Secretary of State website) and all have professionally designed logos and websites, are listed in 411 directory databases, have social media profiles, ranks well in search engine results, professionally recorded telephone menu greetings produced from talented voice over artists and much more.

Are the academic credentials you provide accredited by any federally recognized accrediting agency?

No. Our academic institutions are not accredited by any accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. While we do not openly advertise the name of the agency which accredits our academic institutions on any of their websites, it should be known to you that this accrediting agency was created and is managed by us to provide alternative accreditation to our portfolio of academic institutions.

Are there certain professions where I would be required to have a properly accredited diploma or degree?

Yes. Certain professional occupations in the United States involving aerospace, biotechnology, engineering, law, medicine (including all medical fields) and teaching each require degrees accredited by their own industry-specific accreditors. For example, in order for a nursing degree to be accepted by any state government for licensure, it must be granted by an institution that is accredited by the American Nursing Association. As a result, we cannot help clients gain entry into such fields using non-traditional academic credentials and resources. This is a good thing, actually, since since occupations like these are generally responsible for the safety and well-being of society at large.

Can I use the academic credentials you provide as transferable credits to real colleges or universities?

How solid in appearance are the accreditors that accredit your academic institutions

Pursuely’s mission is to bring our clients the highest possible quality credentials and references, and this extends to every part of the services we provide — including small details like names. This is something we put a lot of 'art' and work into, and we think you will be pleased with what our institutions have to offer.

I already have a high school diploma. Why do I need to use the one that comes included in my career package?

It is ultimately up to you. If you decide to use your existing high school diploma that you earned in your home state, you can. However, we recommend using the one we provide you as it has been incorporated into your background timeline we developed for you to use.

Do you provide official student record transcripts for my diploma or degrees you provide?

Yes, only upon your request and payment of an additional fee. Because the issuing of official transcripts could be used in activities that would cause you to violate your Terms of Use agreement with us, we require that you disclose the purpose you would like official academic transcripts prepared for you at which time we will either approve or deny your request.

Can you provide me a high quality printed version of my diploma and degree instead of a digital copy?

No. We only provide high resolution full color digital files containing your academic diploma and/or degree. We have found that this is preferred by most of our clients and works the best for their needs. In addition, the digital files feature real signatures and school seals, and are almost always accepted as proof of academic credentials by recruiters.

Why do you recommend not listing the academic credential you provide on social media or other websites?

With phenomena like “doxxing” becoming commonplace on social media, privacy on social media is of the utmost importance. Why give anyone a chance to pry deeper into your life by adding more details to your profiles? While we have no control over what you decide to do online with your digitally enhanced background, we strongly suggest limiting public displays or your credentials on social media. That said, there is nothing risky about printing and displaying your academic credentials in a framed photo format.

Employment References

What are employment references and why do I need them?

Some might say that a employment reference from a prior employer is actually superior to having a college degree. This is because prior employment is considered life/professional experience while obtaining a college degree is just academic experience. Having a seasoned, favorable employment reference from a highly credible and established company in the career field you desire is essential to getting hired. We've got you covered in all directions with our all-in-one career packages — which include valuable prior employment references.

Do I need more than just the two employment references that is provided in my career package solution?

No. Recruiters are far more interested in candidates with steady work experience that emphasizes lengthy employment with fewer jobs. This means rather than showing you working many jobs for short durations, your career package references will show you gainfully employed for long periods of time. Based on our research we've found that our clients are offered employment more often than not in cases where they have two or less prior employers listed on their job application and/or resume. To aid in your success, Pursuely incorporates your prior employment starting date beginning right after you obtained your academic credential (bachelor's degree) and ending right before the date you ordered your career package from us. This results in you having a steady job for three to twenty plus years for a single employer. Potential employers will see you are responsible, reliable, dedicated, and content in the workplace, and will be with them for the long haul instead of changing jobs often. No employer wants their new hire to have a history of changing jobs shortly after completing training. After all, finding another replacement costs even more time and money.

Where are my prior employers going to be based out of?

All employment references are from Colorado-based companies. The selection of your employment reference source will be based on the employment background needs associated with the career package you selected.

How credible are my employment references going to appear to others?

We pride ourselves in the quality of our references and credentials. Our employment references surpass the average credibility of most company's used as references by other job candidates. The sources we use are credibly developed and established companies, and maintain a professional appearance. Not only that, all of our employment reference sources are also listed in all 411 directory assistance databases, registered with the state Secretary of State's office and are in good standing with a date of formation date of at least two years ago (average date of formation is more than 25+ years ago). Our resources have business listings in all major online directories (e.g. Google Maps, Yahoo, Bing, SuperPages,Manta, etc.), social media presence (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). have local telephone and fax numbers (not questionable toll-free numbers), state of the art interactive voice response (IVR) telephone answering with company greeting scripts that are professionally recorded by voice over artist studio in Beverly Hills, and fully-functional enterprise class websites with streamlined, custom-designed company logos. We spare no expense when composing our resources for clients, and we invite you to explore what we offer so you can see the difference for yourself.

Do you provide pay stubs to match my employment references?

No. However, once your career package order is fulfilled, you can request a free employment verification letter on the official company letterhead confirming your dates of employment, a position held, and your salary.

Can I provide specific instructions as to what can be said about me when my employment references are contacted?

Absolutely. Please contact us after placing your career package order to provide us with details you would like noted in your file. If you do not provide us with specific instructions, we will use our professionally developed default script anytime we are contacted about you.

Personal References

Where will my personal references be based out of?

All of your personal references will be based out of the United States. The selection of personal references is solely based on your personal reference needs you identified at the time of your career package order.

How credible are my personal references going to appear to others?

We believe our personal references surpass the credibility of most genuine persons commonly used as personal references. Our personal references are highly developed reference sources all of which have distinguished backgrounds and occupations. Additionally all of our personal references are listed in 411 directory assistance databases, have a searchable online presence (e.g. LinkedIn and Facebook profiles) and more. You will be provided a summary after your order has been fulfilled containing the relevant background details and contact information of your personal references.

Can I give you specific instructions as to what is to be said about me when my personal references are contacted?

Yes. We encourage our clients to provide all the additional details as possible about their unique skill sets, characteristics, prior responsibilities and more they wish to have said about them when we are contacted. This information can be provided before or after your career package order has been fulfilled.

Professional References

How credible will my professional reference appear to others?

We believe our professional references surpass the credibility of most genuine individuals used as professional references who reference checkers routinely contact. Our personal references are highly developed reference sources all of which have distinguished backgrounds and occupations. Additionally all of our personal references are listed in 411 directory assistance databases, have a searchable online presence (e.g. LinkedIn and Facebook profiles) and more. You will be provided a summary after your order has been fulfilled containing the relevant background details and contact information of your personal references.

What are professional references and why do I need them?

A professional reference differs from a personal reference in that it usually involves contact with someone you worked with, instead of a friend or relative. A professional reference also differs from employment reference verification when your prior employment is verified. This is when your previous employer’s HR department contacted. In the case of a professional reference, a particular person specified in your resume or application is contacted either at home or work. At Pursuely, we will provide you with one or more fully verifiable professional reference sources that can be a prior job supervisor or a colleague you worked with at your prior employer. Usually, the last step before a potential employer makes you an offer is checking your professional references. When pursuing your first job, it can be difficult to have a professional reference to provide. Many potential employers are becoming increasingly more reliant on professional references than personal references, which is why we include them in all of our career packages.

Where will my professional reference be based out of?

Your professional reference will be based out of the same state as your employment reference. Pursuely uses established companies located in Colorado exclusively for employment references. As a result, your professional reference will be currently employed at your employer and based out of Colorado.

Can I give you specific instructions as to what is to be said about me when my professional references are contacted?

Yes. We encourage our clients to provide as much details as possible about prior work ethic, accomplishments, awards and other items they want mentioned in relation to them when we are contacted. This information can be provided before or after your career package order has been Fulfilled.

Landlord References

What is a Landlord reference?

A Landlord reference is from a company where you had previously leased any sort of residential housing.

How does a Landlord reference benefit me?

We have found Landlord references to be beneficial for those looking for new housing and lack prior rental/leasing histories. Having a solid and favorable Landlord reference may also reduce the chances of having to provide a sizable security deposit in order to rent/lease an apartment or home.

Where will my landlord reference be based out of?

In most cases Colorado. This is to support your developed background timeline of living, attending school and being employed in Colorado.

Legal Name Change

Why should I change my legal name?


Why should I change my legal name using your service and not through a local attorney where I live?

If you were to use a local attorney or self-file your name change in the state where you live, you may have to participate in the following processes: 1.) Undergo fingerprinting to determine if you have any arrest and/or criminal convictions; 2.) Publish a legal notice announcing your name change petition in your local newspaper for four successive weeks which also causes the name to be published online. 3.) Appear in court for a hearing on your name change petition 4.) Submit documentation to the court proving you have no debt and character reference letters. By using our legal name change service, you can forego all of those burdensome requirements without any additional hassles or concerns.

Do I have to submit any documentation to support my name change petition?

No. The great thing about using our legal name change service is that the jurisdiction where we file our petitions does not require any documentation to complete your legal name change with the court.

Should I change my entire full name or just first or last name?

This is your choice. Are you changing your name because of debt? To start your record fresh? Some other reason? The best name change plan is tailored to your unique situation, but we normally recommend that clients change both their first and last names in order to truly distance themselves from their old name. In order to create totally new credit reports using your existing true identifiers (e.g. DOB and SSN), you must amend your entire full name and avoid associating your new name with any prior reported addresses. Otherwise, your new name could be merged into your old credit report that contains your prior name. Our objective is to create a split credit file that separates your old and new names. Please contact us for additional questions about this if needed.

How long does it take for my name change to be granted by the court?

Most name changes are finalized by the court within five to eight weeks after we file your petition. It may take an additional two weeks for us to obtain the certified court order granting your name change after a judge signs the final order. If you need it sooner we can provide you with your case number and the contact information of the Clerk of Court where your name change petition was filed so you can request expedited certified copies of your final order granting your name change.

Do you file my name change documents with the court directly or use a third party?

We use reliable and dependable third party professionals that are located in the name change-friendly state where we file all of our name change petitions. These third party professionals are also notary publics who can notarize your name change petition without you having to travel.

Will having criminal convictions on my record prevent my name change from being granted by the court?

This depends on the record, but it’s not likely. The state we use for name changes only checks their own in state records to determine if you have any disqualifying conditions (e.g. convicted of a felony, being on probation or parole in that state, or being on any sex offender registries). Being that we don't accept clients from the state we use for name change filings, we don't expect any issues with your name change petition. The exception to this rule is that we do not file legal name changes on behalf of any client who has been previously convicted of any sex offense in any jurisdiction. If you are concerned that your prior criminal history may be a concern, we can have our third party filer omit your criminal history from the name change petition and change your date of birth of the petition (which does not affect the final name change order that only shows your previous and new names on it). Should you request we go this route, we will also sign your name change petition so you will have absolute deniability with respect to the statements made on your name change petition which absolves you of any criminal liability.

Is it possible my name change petition will not be granted by the court?

There is always a possibility, however in the hundreds of name change petitions we have filed since our inception, we have never had one denied by the court. Should your name change be denied by the court, we will re-file your name change petition in a different court at no additional charge. However, if we are required to re-file your petition in another court this will result in an additional five to eight week delay.

Will my name change be discoverable using public record searches online?

This is a great question, and under normal circumstances, that answer is no. The reason why our name changes are discrete is because we file your petition in a state jurisdiction where you have never resided. Name change petitions are treated like civil family court proceedings, not like criminal or civil judgment cases that are routinely sold to data brokers who purchase case data. Additionally, the state jurisdiction we use requires these types of cases be searched using their own county's Circuit Court website. Someone would need to have existing knowledge of where you filed your name change petition to locate its associated case records online.

Will my name change order be accepted where I live?

Yes. Your name change final order will be in the form of a certified copy that contains the court embossed seal. Since your name change will be granted by a state Circuit Court, is it considered a 'court of competent jurisdiction' and your certified name change order will be honored in all fifty states and by the federal government for all purposes.

Will it be easier to obtain credit in my new name if I have bad credit in my current name?

By changing your entire full name (e.g. first and last names) and combining it with you true DOB and SSN you will create a 'split' credit file at all of the major credit bureaus (e.g. Experian, Equifax, TransUnion, Innovis). A split credit file occurs when someone uses a completely different name not containing any of your prior first, middle and/or last names and previous addresses but does include your actual true DOB and SSN. The credit bureaus thinks it is a different person and as a result creates a split credit file or in more plain terms a credit file in your new legal name with no credit history initially. If you are interested in enhancing your new clean credit file that was split from the result of changing your name we offer comprehensive credit enhancement solutions to add tradelines to your personal credit history file.

Can I get a driver's license in my new name?

Yes. Just present your certified copy of your name change final order to the clerk at the department of motor vehicles where you already have a driver's license and they will issue you a new license with your new name. Please note that most state DMV require that you update the name on your social security card by visiting the Social Security Administration before they can issue you a driver's license in your new legal name. For those who would like to keep their existing driver's license in their old name while obtaining a driver's license in their new name, this can be accomplished by traveling to another state and obtaining a fresh license with the new name. You will have to retake the written driving test and the road test before being issued a new license. We have prior experience in assisting our clients as they obtain dual driver's licenses, and can aid you further after your name change is completed.

Can I get a passport in my new name?

Yes. If you already have an existing unexpired passport book and/or card, all you have to do is go into a passport office or file a passport amendment by mail along with a certified copy of your name change final order and the required fees. You will be required to surrender your existing passports at the time of amendment (which will be invalidated and returned back to you with a hole punched through your existing passport). The great thing about obtaining a passport in your new name is that passports are considered primary stand alone identification that proves identity, age and citizenship, thus eliminating any need in the future to present a birth certificate when applying for a social security card or driver's license and having to disclose your prior name (which is listed on your original birth certificate). If you are truly wanting to start a new life with your new name with no cross reference to your prior name having a passport book and/or card is a must have.

Can I get a new social security card showing my new name?

Yes. Just go into your local Social Security Administration office along with a certified copy of your name change final order and they will update the SSA records to reflect your new name and will automatically be issued a new social security card containing your new legal name.

Can I get a new credit card or bank account in my new name?

Yes. In fact, if you have bad credit in your prior name, you will find it relatively easy to obtain starter credit in your new name and begin establishing a great credit history and credit file. We offer additional solutions to our name change clients that can enhance your personal credit file and provide you a great credit score in very little time. Please contact us for more details if you are interested.

How do I transfer the title of my existing assets to my new legal name?

This varies from state to state, but exercise caution doing this if planning on starting a fresh life in your new name and don't want a paper trail to your new legal name. Feel free to contact us for additional advice on this subject once we have begun your name change Process.

Customized Solutions

What type of customized solutions do you offer to existing clients?

Please contact us for additional details.

I need a fabricated news story about me published online to enhance my credibility. Can you help me with that?

Yes. We have publishing ability for several online news websites. We are experts at propagating custom news stories. Please contact us for additional information.

I need to add many credible and distinguished friends and/or followers to my social media account can you help me with that?

Yes. Please contact us for additional information.

I need an Alibi to verify my physical location at a specific time And place can you help me with that?

Yes, provided the alibi we include in your career package isn't used in any criminal Investigation where you are required to certify your whereabouts to a law enforcement agency.

I would like for the Social Security Administration to assign me a new social security number can you help me with that?

Yes. This is one of our specialties that many of our existing clients request our help for.

I would like to enhance my personal credit history, can you help me with that?

Yes. We offer several solutions to help you accomplish this. Please contact us for additional information.