FAQ: Common questions

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Q: Why should I use Pursuely?

A: Our revolutionary service was created for individuals like you looking for a viable solution to gain a competitive edge in the personal and professional realm. We take your resume to new heights by reinventing your academic, employment, and professional experience with our exclusive, 100% verifiable, and highly credible background enhancement solutions.

Q: Are the solutions you offer legal?

A: In short, yes. Not everyone has the same set of advantages when it comes to starting career, which is why we offer our world-class services to clients in need. Our references and credentials are legal to use as long as you are not trying to defraud or fabricate yourself to your local, state, or federal government. There are certain states that may prohibit the use of our solutions for non-novelty purposes.

Q: What type of life situations can the solutions you offer benefit me?

A: Our solutions are commonly used by individuals who are aiming for their dream job but lack the required credentials and employment references to qualify. Others who use our service may have previously attained academic credentials and career goals in the past, but now want to start fresh with no connection to their previous field. We also cater our solutions to individuals with criminal records who find it difficult to gain meaningful employment due to their background.

Q: Do you offer a money-back satisfaction guarantee?

A: We do not offer a money-back guarantee because we believe our products and services speak for themselves. As you will quickly discover after becoming a client, quality and ease-of-use are critical aspects of everything we deliver to you. We put an exceptional amount of work into ensuring your success, and this ethos filters deeply into what we provide each client.

Q: Do you restrict any of your offerings to certain individuals or geographical locations?

A: Yes. In order to become a client of our service, you must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age. We impose this minimum age restriction in order to develop a properly crafted background timeline containing the academic credentials and employment references that are relevant to our career packages. We do not currently offer our academic credentials to legal residents or for use in the states of Colorado, Connecticut, and Washington. We never provide academic credentials or any sort of references in any career field of aeronautics, biotechnology, law, or medicine (including any medical-related fields) that may pose a risk to the public.

Q: What sets Pursuely apart from other similar fake reference providers?

A: Since our founding, our platform was developed and designed to assist individuals with unfavorable backgrounds by providing a viable avenue to achieving meaningful employment. We are client-focused and aim to help restore self-esteem and dignity in our clients with fewer opportunities than their peers. Studies have shown that meaningful employment can prevent drug and/or alcohol abuse, reduce instances of hunger and homelessness, and eliminate criminal activity in people’s lives. By enabling our clients to be on the same level playing field as others in society, we drastically improve their chances of becoming respected, law-abiding community members.

Q: Do you offer any referral incentives?

A: If you are a client, the answer to this question is no. This is because per your client Terms of Service agreement, you are prohibited from disclosing client-facing details about our services. Please refer to our Terms of Service agreement for additional information. If you are a non-client, however, who finds our service interesting and would like to work as an affiliate partner for the company, we offer generous commissions for new client acquisitions. As an affiliate partner, you will receive monthly commission payouts via ACH direct deposit into your bank account. For tax compliance purposes, we issue you a tax form 1099-MISC each January that shows the payments we made to you during the previous year. You are responsible for any income tax that may be due resulting from the commission payments you receive from us. Currently, only U.S. citizens and legal residents are eligible to work for us as affiliate partners. Please visit our Affiliate Program page for additional information.

Q: Who owns Pursuely and where are its operations headquartered?

A: Pursuely is an independent, privately held company operating here in the continental United States of America. We began the first phase of development in 2018, and after several years of beta testing and creating more than eight hundred source companies, we opened our platform to the general public in January 2022. Our company is managed by a talented team of professionals within North America. We do not rely on overseas call centers for support, and all of our employees and representatives are also based within North America (e.g. Canada and the United States).

Q: How do you protect your clients from possible cyberattacks? Where is my data kept?

A: We use advanced 1024-bit data encryption to store all of our client data. Our offices and contact call centers are located in secure buildings that use employee access control and video surveillance. Video surveillance is conducted 24/7, and remote security monitoring staff are authorized to remotely wipe all of our data servers in the event of a physical or network intrusion. Only designated employees can access your client file in our database.  Be rest assured your client record with Pursuely will be protected from outside discovery.