FAQ: Personal references

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Q: Where will my personal references be based?

A: All of your personal references will be based out of the United States. The selection of personal references is solely based on the personal reference needs you identified at the time of your career package order.

Q: How credible are my personal references going to appear to others?

A: We believe our personal references surpass the credibility of most genuine persons commonly used as personal references. Our personal references are highly developed reference sources all of which have distinguished backgrounds and occupations. Additionally, all of our personal references are listed in 411 directory assistance databases, have a searchable online presence (e.g. LinkedIn and Facebook profiles), and more. You will be provided a summary after your order has been fulfilled containing the relevant background details and contact information of your personal references.

Q: Can I give you specific instructions as to what is to be said about me when my personal references are contacted?

A: Yes. We encourage our clients to provide all the additional details as possible about their unique skill sets, characteristics, prior responsibilities, and more they wish to have said about them when we are contacted. This information can be provided before or after your career package order has been fulfilled.