FAQ: Work histories

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Q: What are employment references and why do I need them?

A: Some might say that an employment reference from a prior employer is actually superior to having a college degree. This is because prior employment is considered life/professional experience while obtaining a college degree is just an academic experience. Having a seasoned, favorable employment reference from a highly credible and established company in the career field you desire is essential to get hired. We've got you covered in all directions with our all-in-one career packages — which include valuable prior employment references.

Q: Do I need more than just the one employment reference that is included in my career package solution?

A: No. Recruiters are far more interested in candidates with steady work experience that emphasizes lengthy employment with fewer jobs. This means rather than showing you working many jobs for short durations, your career package references will show you gainfully employed for long periods of time. Based on our research we've found that our clients are offered employment more often than not in cases where they have two or fewer prior employers listed on their job application and/or resume. To aid in your success, Pursuely incorporates your prior employment starting date beginning right after you obtained your academic credential (bachelor's degree) and ending right before the date you ordered your career package from us. This results in you having a steady job for three to twenty plus years for a single employer. Potential employers will see you are responsible, reliable, dedicated, and content in the workplace, and will be with them for the long haul instead of changing jobs often. No employer wants their new hire to have a history of changing jobs shortly after completing training. After all, finding another replacement costs even more time and money.

Q: Where are my current and/or prior employers going to be based out of?

A: All of our employment reference sources are from United States-based companies we control. Pursuely currently owns and controls more than 500+ companies that are used by its clients for work history references. The selection of your employment reference source will be based on the employment background needs associated with the career package you selected.

Q: How credible are my employment references going to appear to others?

A: We pride ourselves on the quality of our references and credentials. Our employment references surpass the average credibility of most company's used as references by other job candidates. The sources we use are credibly developed and established companies, and maintain a professional appearance. Not only that, but all of our employment reference sources are also listed in all 411 directory assistance databases, registered with the state Secretary of State's office, and are in good standing with a date of formation date of at least four years ago (average date of formation is more than 25+ years ago). Most of our reference resources have business listings in all major online directories (e.g. Google Maps, Yahoo, Bing, SuperPages, Manta, etc.), social media presence (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), have local telephone and fax numbers (not questionable toll-free numbers), state of the art interactive voice response (IVR) telephone answering with a company greeting, and fully-functional enterprise-class websites with streamlined, custom-designed company logos. We spare no expense when composing our resources for clients, and we invite you to explore what we offer so you can see the difference for yourself.

Q: Do you provide pay stubs to match my employment references?

A: No. However, once your career package order is fulfilled, you can request a free employment verification letter on the official company letterhead confirming your dates of employment, your position held, and your salary.

Q: Can I provide specific instructions as to what can be said about me when my employment references are contacted?

A: Absolutely. Just tell us in the special instructions section of your order. If you have already placed your career package order please contact us to provide us with details you would like noted in your file. If you do not provide us with specific instructions, we will use our professionally developed default script anytime we are contacted about you.