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Because your privacy and confidentiality are our foremost concern Pursuely has implemented certain policies governing the manner in which we accept and process client orders.


To order any of our solutions you must download, edit, and save the appropriate registration, career package, payment, and agreement forms below and either email or fax them to our secure encrypted inbox. When completing these PDFs you must use a desktop or laptop computer to fill them out. A typed digital signature is sufficient for forms requiring your signature. Forms may be saved for easy attaching when emailing us or edited on your computer then printed out for faxing. Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to become a client and what to expect throughout the process.


You cannot edit these forms using your smartphone and must use either a desktop or laptop computer.

STEP ONE: Select Your Career Package and Add-ons

If you haven't already pick one of our three exclusive Career Package options that best fit your career needs and budget then review all of our add-ons available for your package. Once you have made your decision on the right career package proceed to step two.

STEP TWO: Download and Complete the Client Registration Sheet

We need some basic information about you in order to establish your record before we can proceed with setting up your credentials and references. This form is required. 

STEP THREE: Download and Complete the Career Package Selection Form

We need to capture the specifics of what you would like your career package to include. This form individualizes your package just for you. Select one of the three available career packages available below to download form. This form is required. 

Select a career package:

STEP FOUR: Download and Complete the Payment Authorization Form

Provide us your credit/debit card or ACH bank debit account information. We require written authorization from you to process your payment. This form is required.

STEP FIVE: Download, Review, and Sign the Terms of Service Agreement

You must fully read and agree to our Terms of Service Agreement in order to become a client of Pursuely. You can digitally sign this form. This form is required.

STEP SIX: Send Us Your Completed and Signed Forms via Email or Fax

We accept completed forms using secure email or fax. If emailing them be sure to include all required form attachments. Send via email to order.submissions@pursue.ly 

or fax to +1 (720) 927-3199

STEP SEVEN: Speak to your Client Success Manager via Phone

Once your completed forms have been received you will be contacted to confirm the details of your career package selection and answer any questions you may have. Your dedicated Client Success Manager will be your point of contact from this point forward.

STEP EIGHT: Receive Your Welcome Email with Career Package Details

After you have spoken to your Client Success Manager and confirmed your career package selection you will receive a welcome email containing all of your career package details including credentials and references within two (2) to four (4) business days.

STEP NINE: Begin Your Dream Job Search, Interview(s), and Get Hired!

Incorporate your career package academic credentials and references provided in your welcome email into your resume and begin your dream job search confidently knowing Pursuely is standing beside you and ready to do whatever it takes to validate your resume and get you hired.

Pursuely is a revolutionary virtual provider of world-class academic, employment, personal, and professional references that can help you build a foundation for success.

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