Identity consulting

Beyond the basic solutions, Pursuely offers, we provide individualized identity consulting to provide you with the best-tailored solutions for a variety of important purposes.

As part of our platform, we offer one on one identity consulting pertaining to a wide range of personal image enhancement solutions. For those clients who wish to begin their business relationship with us beginning with a comprehensive consultation, we offer them a fully customized identity enhancement experience that general career package clients don't experience. 

We can assist in providing you with solutions pertaining to the following topics:

  • Academic Degrees (secondary, post-secondary, and graduate)

  • Employment References (current and prior)

  • Personal and Professional References

  • Legal Name Changes (using hard to discover confidential court filings)

  • Obtaining a New Social Security Number (SSN) legally issued by the SSA

  • Credit File Enhancement (not credit repair)

  • Ditching your current life, and beginning a totally new one elsewhere under a new identity

  • How to avoid detection and identification of your prior background or identity

  • And so much more......

There is a one-time fee of $150, then $100 per hour with a four (4) hour minimum (minimum fee $550).

For more information please call +1 (720) 927-3200 and enter Extension 3246.