Landlord References

A landlord reference is from a company where you had previously leased any sort of residential housing. This includes occupancies in rental homes, apartments, and condos.

We have found landlord references to be beneficial for those looking for new housing and lack prior rental/leasing histories. Having a solid and favorable Landlord reference may also reduce the chances of having to provide a sizable security deposit in order to rent/lease an apartment or home. Without positive landlord references, prospective tenants often find themselves paying more money than they might have already budgeted for a move.

Additional security deposits are common, as are prepaid months of rent on top of security deposits. All this can wipe out the funds you need to make a move, which adds extra stress to an already life-changing moment. But with a solid landlord reference in hand, you’ll stand a better chance of qualifying for reduced deposits or waived fees even if your credit history isn’t ideal.