Legal name changes

We understand that records associated with a person's name can be difficult to overcome in our digital age. That’s why we offer legal name changes as part of our custom solutions.

Pursuely provides world-class fully verifiable academic, employment, personal and professional references, and more that can help you kickstart your career — no matter your background. You will quickly discover that the solutions we offer below are designed to promote your success.


Only you can know when the time is right to undergo a legal name change, but the act of changing your legal name to something new is one of the last remaining options available for those wanting to start anew. We strongly recommend our legal change name solution for those who have a criminal or arrest record or are buried in debt. It’s one of the biggest steps you can take towards building a new path forward.

Hanging your legal name essentially creates a new legal identity from your existing one. This process is safe, straightforward, and legal when using our service, and we use a court of competent jurisdiction in our process to make sure all steps are performed by the books. What’s more, the jurisdiction where we file our petitions doesn’t require any documentation to complete your name change with the court — making the process streamlined and easy.


Legal Name Changes can be purchased as a single service outside of our career packages for $995.00.


For more information or to order, please call +1 (720) 927-3200 or download our form by clicking on the 'Begin Process' button below. This form is for name changes only.

If you are considering using our legal name change service to change your name as well as obtain one of the career packages we offer we strongly recommend you purchase this service before your career package so you can obtain the academic credentials and references in your new legal name once the court has granted your legal change of name.