A personal reference can provide your potential employer information on how you conduct yourself on a personal level and can verify your level of responsibility.

Having a good nature, communication style, and community involvement are also very important. These are commonly referred to as 'character references,’ which serve to endorse you as an individual. At Pursuely, we will provide you with highly credible personal reference sources from either a person who holds a position of public trust or a ranking executive in an established company.

The golden rule for personal references is not to use direct family members. This is because a personal reference needs to be as independent as possible given the circumstances. Clearly, your mom or dad has a vested (and possibly financial) interest in furthering your career, which affects the impact of testimonials about you. For this reason, we recommend not mixing any of your own personal references with the ones we provide to you. Otherwise, your personal reference may contradict the character and background testimony our personal references provided about you.

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Q: Where will my personal references be based out of?

A: All of your personal references will be based out of the United States. The selection of personal references is solely based on your personal reference needs you identified at the time of your career package order.

Q: Why should I use Pursuely?

A: Our revolutionary service was created for individuals like you looking for viable solutions to gain a competitive edge in the personal and professional realm. We take your applications to new heights by reinventing your academic and professional experience with our exclusive, 100% verifiable background enhancement services.

Q: How credible are my personal references going to appear to others?

A: We believe our personal references surpass the credibility of most genuine persons commonly used as personal references. Our personal references are highly developed reference sources all of which have distinguished backgrounds and occupations. Additionally all of our personal references are listed in 411 directory assistance databases, have a searchable online presence (e.g. LinkedIn and Facebook profiles) and more. You will be provided a summary after your order has been fulfilled containing the relevant background details and contact information of your personal references.

Q: Can I give you specific instructions as to what is to be said about me when my personal references are contacted?

A: Yes. We encourage our clients to provide all the additional details as possible about their unique skill sets, characteristics, prior responsibilities and more they wish to have said about them when we are contacted. This information can be provided before or after your career package order has been fulfilled.