Personal references

A personal reference can provide your potential employer information on how you conduct yourself on a personal level and can verify your level of responsibility.

Having a good nature, communication style, and community involvement is also very important. These are commonly referred to as 'character references,’ which serve to endorse you as an individual. At Pursuely, we will provide you with highly credible personal reference sources from either a person who holds a position of public trust or a ranking executive in an established company.

The golden rule for personal references is not to use direct family members. This is because a personal reference needs to be as independent as possible given the circumstances. Clearly, your mom or dad has a vested (and possibly financial) interest in furthering your career, which affects the impact of testimonials about you. For this reason, we recommend not mixing any of your own personal references with the ones we provide to you. Otherwise, your personal reference may contradict the character and background testimony our personal references provided about you.

Our all-in-one professional and executive career packages include one (1) personal or professional reference that will move your resume to the top of the candidate pile. For all other career packages, we offer personal references as an optional add-on for $65 each personal reference.