Professional references

A professional reference differs from a personal reference in that it usually involves contact with someone you worked with, instead of a friend or relative. Pursuely offers an effective solution for those lacking verifiable professional references and more who need them fast.

In today’s competitive job market, your resume doesn’t always tell the whole story. Your existing credentials might not disclose the full scope of your talents, and this lack of a paper trail can make it difficult to accomplish your goals. That’s why Pursuely is here to back you up and fill in the gaps — so you can pursue what matters most.

A professional reference also differs from employment reference verification when your prior employment is verified. This is when your previous employer’s HR department is contacted. In the case of a professional reference, a particular person specified in your resume or application is contacted either at home or at work. At Pursuely, we will provide you with one or more professional reference sources that are fully verifiable.

These sources can be a prior job supervisor or a colleague you worked with at your prior employer. Usually, the last step before a potential employer makes you an offer is checking your professional references. When pursuing your first job, it can be difficult to have a professional reference to provide. Many potential employers are becoming increasingly more reliant on professional references than personal references, which is why we offer them in our all-in-one career packages, as an add-on option, and as a standalone option for those who need nothing more than one or two professional references. Our professional references will move your resume to the top of the candidate pile. 

Pursuely acts as your professional reference using fictitious individual professionals in our network of established and highly credible companies scattered throughout the United States. Be rest assured your reference checker will be very impressed with what we have to say about you. Everything we say about you can be custom-tailored to meet specific background requirements sure to help you become the highest qualified candidate for the position you are applying for.


Don't need a career package with employment references? No problem, Pursuely now offers a standalone professional reference package for $245 that includes two (2) fictitious but fully verifiable and credible professional references from your choice of more than twenty career fields. Call us 24/7 at +1 (720) 927-3200 to order or for more information. Online ordering is not available at this time for standalone professional references packages.