No matter what your resume looks like, it’s impossible for one document to convey your entire body of work and proficiencies.

Your unique talents are forged through a lifetime of learning, and those qualities have merit — regardless of what a piece of paper says.

Unfortunately, lacking the preferred credentials or references can cause recruiters to overlook your application — even if you bring years of real experience to the table. This is even more problematic as human resources and recruitment become increasingly automated.

If you dare to dream bigger, Pursuely can help you and your resume stand out from the crowd. With our unique credential and reference solutions, we can help you seize your aspirations.


Pursuely is a client-focused company that aims to help restore self-esteem and dignity for those with fewer opportunities than their peers.

Studies have shown that meaningful employment can prevent drug and/or alcohol abuse, reduce instances of hunger and homelessness, and eliminate criminal activity in people's lives.

The material needs of ordinary people often trump the barriers put up by industry leaders and professionals. Without gainful employment, anyone can have a hard time finding shelter, feeding themselves, or living a dignified life.

By empowering our clients to reach the same level playing field as others in society, we drastically improve their chances of becoming respected, law-abiding community members.

What’s more, we believe that a meaningful job can put people on the right path to becoming great producers and leaders in society. How often are some of the brightest talent in the world overlooked because they lacked the qualifications put in place by those who don’t know them? We aim to answer that question by giving every client we work with a fighting chance to achieve their goals and aspirations. At Pursuely, we understand that your dreams don’t have to end when you wake up. We want to help each client make their goals a reality.


All of our credentials and reference sources are fully managed and controlled by us. You don’t have to worry about miscommunication between different departments — as we oversee all processes from start to finish.

Each reference and credential source is assigned to one of our more than thirty contact center professionals who are responsible for answering and responding to third party inquiries involving our clients.

We fully encrypt and secure your data using the latest in cybersecurity tech. This protects the privacy and confidentiality of every client from start to finish.